Video: Reagan Taylor the Cowboy

I grew up in Texas and was taken to the gym as a young kid before nurseries were thought of in gyms. The original National Health Studio in Dallas, Texas, is where my father worked out and I tagged along at a young age. I had no idea my love for the gym would become such a big part of my life.

I met my wife at the gym and have formed great friendships. I have trained my children to workout and we continue to workout as a family. My father still works out to this day. People say their jobs keep them from working out. In my career I ran a worldwide public company and had 7000 employees. I traveled all over the world and always packed my workout clothes. Today I run a successful cutting horse ranch that is a 24 hour job and I still get to the gym whether its early mornings or late evenings.

I believe the mind needs exercise to be at your sharpest. I also believe the mind is so powerful, that along with hard work, you can make up your mind to do just about anything. I have been with my wife for 20 years and have three great children: Addison, Kyle and Jaiden. I began competing at a young age in powerlifting and now that I’m over 50 I want to get in shape for competitive bodybuilding. I plan to prepare for 1 to 2 competitions a year while I continue to compete in the horse industry through cutting. I have roped and played polo but love cutting.
It’s like riding a Ferrari.