Fit For Your Purpose: How Monica Does Nutrition


As with everything it must all start somewhere...

Welcome to The Globetrotter’s first Aging Evolution Nutrition blog entry. I meant it when I said I want to be a part of your journey to help you be fit for your purpose and reach your goals , whatever those may be.

First off in order to be FIT for your PURPOSE you've got to know what that purpose is. I encourage you to take a few minutes or more to think about that,  and then I invite you to share those thoughts or goals with all of us so we can help each other and keep each other accountable. I am a bodybuilder, a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a professional, a facilitator and a coach with specific purposes for each of my roles.

As a bodybuilder, my purpose is to improve on my physique so I can bring my best possible "package" to the stage next year. I know it involves a lot of hard training in the gym, significantly reducing and at times simply cutting out certain foods from my diet and pushing myself not just physically but also mentally to keep a steady positive mindset to endure for a prolonged period of time. Add to the mix a loving husband and 4 teenage children at different stages of parental needs, along with several entrepreneurial career endeavors and've got someone with high drive and expectations of herself being pulled in all sorts of directions. Sound a little familiar? If you are a parent it probably will and even if you are not I'm sure there are plenty of things pulling at you from all directions. It's how our society has evolved for better or for worse and we've got to make some choices, evaluate our priorities and make our mind and bodies fit enough to at least meet if not excel at those goals.

While physical activity is a huge component that will help your stamina, strength and endurance - not to mention aesthetics, the key element that will make the most significant difference by increasing your energy, building immunity and shaping your body is nutrition - what you feed your body, how much you feed it and how often you give it what it needs.

Remember - each of us is different, your purpose, your metabolism, your starting point, your everyday lifestyle is your own. We all share this uniqueness and some of us will find we actually have quite a bit in common and can really help each other stay motivated and on track to achieve the goal.  Each week I'll share some of my personal nutritional preps and challenges as well as explore different topics to help you make the best choices to live your healthiest lifestyle.