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Aging Evolution represents the reality of what is possible and achievable whether you are an elite athlete or a wellness enthusiast wanting to excel and step up your fitness game at any age. We believe there is no expert resource specifically tailored to and focused on the 40+ athlete. We aim to be just that-your one stop shop for information, research and coaching regarding training, nutrition, mindset and consumables.

Our Mission is to inform, guide, educate, and keep on top of the latest medical, nutritional and physical trends that affect us.



Philip Dodson

Founded Aging Evolution in May of 2015
With a vision of promoting fitness and slowing the aging process as one ages. Philip recruited a team of extraordinary founding evolutionist in a short time to motivate and inspire others with their incredible stories, fitness levels and youthfulness even in their 50 and 60’s. Now as the principal owner of Aging Evolution; Philip’s goal is to build a huge world-wide community of health-driven people, mostly over 40 years of age, to share fitness, nutrition and anti aging information. The Aging Evolution community all over the world thus, can be fitter, healthier and more active. Aging Evolution develops products that are specifically designed for use by older people seeking longevity, fitness and overall healthiness. The Aging Evolution motto that Philip coined, “IT”S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE GREAT!” says it all. His belief is a fitness driven life, with proper nutrition, is still the greatest fountain of youth yet discovered.


Evelyn Flaharty

Evelyn “Evy” Flaharty, a bi-lingual, international business executive and graduate of New York’s Lubin School of Business at Pace University, is the Co-Owner and Founding Member of Aging Evolution. After traveling extensively around the world for both business and pleasure, Evy retired from a successful corporate career spanning 35 years in finance and information systems.

Evy is the embodiment of the company’s motto “Its never too late to be great”. She joined a gym for the first time in her mid fifties after she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. She credits her diagnoses for saving her life and eventually leading her to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Evy has competed in several competitions and typically competes against women eight to ten years younger than her. Evy is proud to say that she placed in every competition and is Nationally Qualified. Evy now considers herself to be in the best shape of her life and still competing in her sixties.

Evy has written several articles on fitness and has also had her transition from business executive to a career in the fitness industry published online and in fitness magazines. In addition to running the company, Evy is a fitness model. She has been featured in various fitness commercials and photo shoots advertising supplements, skincare products and women’s activewear. Evy also serves as a mentor to other women and travels to give motivational speeches.