Video: Joe Solinski, A Family-Filled Road to Fitness

I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1962. My Dad was in the Air Force and growing up our family lived in many places; Germany, Colorado Springs, Tokyo Japan, and back to San Antonio where I competed High School. My earliest memories of fitness were with my Mom down in the basement of our house watching Jack LaLanne on TV with a broomstick and a chair. I was the youngest of 4 kids, and my mom taught healthy eating and keeping active. My Dad played baseball and football in his youth and was very active. My fitness influences were Bruce Lee and Frank Zane.

I met my wife Tammy in 1980, we were married in 1986 and over the years we educated ourselves and lived the Fitness Lifestyle with proper nutrition, weight lifting, and outdoor activities. My first competitions in bodybuilding from 1982-1985 in San Antonio. It was not uncommon for the competitors to use steroids and I decided that I would just do my own thing and stopped competing. My workouts consisted of strength and functional training with some yoga/Barnum & Baily infusion of custom exercises!

In 2010 my wife Tammy competed in her first contest and got 3rd Place in Open and 2nd Place in Masters. I got the bug again and Tammy and I both competed in the 2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic and I won in the novice category. From then on I have been competing every year, sometimes twice a year! I love competing and I love helping others and motivating them to take themselves to an athletic level they may not have been able to envision. I feel I can improve my physique after each competition as Tammy and I continue our journey on being healthy and living the Fitness Lifestyle!