Video: Alex Kinion Sr. Preaching Natural Fitness

Alex Kinion, 62, is a testament of living a naturally fit, healthy lifestyle. Alex works out smart, hard and with intensity to continue to build muscle, even at an age when most men are unable to. He believes the nutritional aspect of fitness is an absolute key in building and maintaining muscle as we age. According to Alex, what one puts in their body is the single most important aspect to maintaining lean muscle mass at any age, but even more so as we age. Alex certainly proves that the bodybuilding lifestyle as we age is the best method to keep your body youthful.

Alex has a unique ministry at various prisons that often changes people’s lives and is very inspirational. Often, while preaching the word of God, Alex can also be heard preaching his natural fitness philosophy. Alex believes in feeding the soul and body and his convictions certainly provide his audience motivation and inspiration.