Video: Fitness is the Fountain of Youth


I am 50 years old, and a lot of people don’t believe I'm that age. My secret, to the fountain of youth…. BE FIT! Of course, there are other factors like nutrition, environment, good/bad health habits that affect the aging process.

Fitness has always been a passion of mine and for the most part I have reaped the benefits over the years, but not only can it keep you youthful, some studies are proving exercise can also reverse the aging process. Now, many of you reading this may already be into fitness and know most of these benefits. I really want my blog to be a message to those that DON’T take advantage of the best anti-aging thing out there!

More importantly, you’re NEVER to old to start working out . That line is one of my pet peeves… My mom actually said to me once “When are you going to stop all that working out?” You are getting to old for that, it can’t be good for you, you are going to get hurt!“ Anyway, as we age, I do think it’s more important to work out smarter, not always harder. And by that I mean make sure you are doing it for your health and not just your looks. As the saying goes… “Beauty comes from within”… same holds true in the physical sense.

Studies have shown that older individuals that perform resistance training can actually create changes in gene expressions related to muscle aging, so it not only slows, but may reverse the aging process all together. It also helps replenish muscle tissue in older people by impairing the powerhouse of energy cells- the mighty mitochondria.

Now, YOU don't have to be a powerhouse to reap these great anti-aging benefits that I’m talking about, like I said in my video, find an activity that you enjoy and are comfortable with… and most importantly one that you will stick with. Get moving and keep moving is key. There are 5 different components of fitness- cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility/mobility and body composition. You will tend to enjoy or be better at one, more than the other, but ideally you should cover all 5 in your fitness activities or routines. The more balanced you are in these components the more health benefits you reap and the greater affect you will have on slowing down the aging process. That is something that myself and I notice other fitness people lose track of. My favorite is resistance training…weight-lifting. My weakness is cardiovascular endurance. Cardio = Ugh!

Resistance training enhances muscle mass and preserves bone calcium and aids in metabolism. Endurance exercises play the biggest part in keeping our mind healthy, as they battle neurological and psychological changes of aging. And as we all know is a must for cardiovascular health as it lowers our resting heart rate and keeps the heart efficient at it’s ability to deliver oxygen-rich blood to our body tissues. It helps us avoid aging effects on metabolism too because it lowers blood sugar levels and decreases body fat.

The component of flexibility, with the practice of yoga and consistent stretching has shown to reverse effects and signs of aging, loss of skin elasticity, weakness of muscle strength, weak digestive system. Endurance is good for brain function and memory loss also…oh wait a minute, I already mentioned that it keeps the mind healthy! I told you endurance is my weakness… at this age, anyway. In overall fitness they say you are only as strong as your weakest link. So my goals are to work on the balance of these 5 fitness components and reap all the health benefits I can! Move it or lose it!!