Steve's Chest Bustin' Workout

Today’s workout is CHEST...

I've been lifting weights for years, it has always been about how much I lift and never about lifting smart. As I have developed in the sport of body building I have found that you need to isolate the muscle group and not just destroy it. For so many years it was a lot of countless hours in the gym focusing on strength and if I was the strongest in the building, now I focus on look and shape. To put it in the terms of before it No Pain No Gain hit the gym hard and fast and now it’s about slow it down understand the body and attack the muscle as a Sniper calculates his target.

With that being said my trainer and Coach Anthony Chacon and I have designed a program based on just that a workout that will not only grow muscle but also let muscle reach it potential in shape and size. Every exercise movement has a meaning, we will always start with a movement that gives us a good stretch as well as great blood flow. Starting with Pec deck and rolling shoulders back so the angle really isolates the pec muscle and removes the help of the front delt.

Then move into a power movement like Incline Bench press, the goal is to now go heavy but still with a purpose, always having control perfect form and complete isolation of the muscle. We now move back to a stretch movement like cable crossover that will be complete isolation and control.

This theory will continue through not only chest but all of my workouts and body parts. The main goal is to work with my body and achieve maximum growth and shape without injury. The days of “Kill It All and Let the Paramedics Sort Them Out” is long gone now we are about

Work Hard and Grow Smart