Transformations: Scott Cargin's Fitness Journey

Scott Cargin

Scott Cargin, 54 started his fitness journey weighing 245 pounds.  Today his weight is 195 pounds. Although Scott had always been in fairly good shape he stopped exercising and started eating poorly.  Scott’s path down this unhealthy road eventually had its consequences.  Scott suffered a heart arrhythmia that resulted in having his heart stopped and started in the emergency room.  He was also diagnosed with high blood pressure.  That was his wake up call!

To get back in shape Scott started running and changed his diet.  He also closely now monitors his blood pressure to keep it in check.  Scott has also added a weight-training regime.  Scott couldn’t believe his transformation and how much younger he felt and looked.  As a result, he has set a new goal to train bodybuilding competition. Scott is proof that age is just a number and that its never too late to be the best you.