Transformations: For Mike Geiselman, Change is Good

Mike Before & After

Mike Geiselman, 57 worked at the Fort Jackson in-processing center where he issued immunizations to the soldiers coming into basic training.  As so often happens, Mike did not take notice of the pounds he was gaining until he saw a photo of himself weighing 223 pounds.  After experiencing several life changing events Mike decided it was time to take control of his life.

Mike started following a set meal plan and going to the gym twice a day.  It took awhile but eventually Mike saw the weight start to come off.  To further challenge himself Mike decided to train and compete in a bodybuilding competition.  He stepped on stage for the first time in May of 2015 at the Palmetto Classic in Columbia, SC.  After competing in several regional shows Mike thought it was time to get on the big stage and compete at the national level and so in July 2018, Mike competed in men’s physique at the Teen Colligate and Masters event in Pittsburgh.  Mike weighted 175 pounds, that’s almost 50 pounds from where he started his fitness journey.  He hadn’t seen that weight in over 30 years.

Mike placed 6th in his division but what matter more to him was hearing his coach say, “I’m so PROUD of you”.  Those words touched him more than the medal he had just earned.