Why Men Over 40 Will Benefit From Yoga


It has been rightfully said that within a healthy body rests a healthy mind. In order to have a healthy body, it is essential to involve oneself in some kind of physical activity. A regular exercise routine is a must to keep the body in good shape.

Yoga, an ancient form of health maintenance followed by Hindu saints, is an excellent option for older adults to explore. No doubt, the benefits of yoga can be associated with every age group but when it comes to yoga benefits for older adults, special mention of certain aspects becomes a must.

The word yoga often brings to mind the image of a person with limbs wrapped around the body in a twisted manner. The posture is quite difficult to achieve by any normal person and for older adults, it is quite unthinkable. But this is not the usual case. In order to derive the health benefits of yoga for older adults, this posture is not at all required. Simple and light exercises are good to begin with and are very beneficial.

Take a look at health benefits of yoga among older adults:

Health maintenance:

Maintaining good health is the prime concern for every health conscious person. Especially in older years when the body is prone to illnesses, yoga plays an important role in maintaining good physical health.


As one grows older, the body parts become stiff and rigid. This can become a cause of pains in limbs and joints. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps ease this problem. The various ‘asanas’ bring about flexibility in the body and joints due to which the risk of pains are reduced to a great extent.

Stress reliever:

A major cause of illnesses in the present times can be linked to stress – both physical and mental. Changing lifestyles and pressure at workplaces leave the mind in turmoil and the effects can be seen in one’s physical health. One of the significant yoga benefits for older adults is stress reliever. By helping relieve stress, it helps a person live a fuller life and enjoy the little moments to the fullest.

Light exercise:

After a certain age, it is not always possible to involve oneself in heavy exercises. This is particularly true for those people who have not been exercising throughout their lives. Many yoga ‘asanas’ are very light and easy. They do not strain the body much and at the same time help tone the body and mind making it one of the key health benefits of yoga for older adults.

Minimum requirement:

Compared to other forms of exercise, yoga can be said to be the least demanding. It can be done in a very small area with no extra accessories required. At the most, you might need a yoga mat and small area – could be indoors or outdoors. Irrespective of the time of year or day, anyone can do yoga anywhere.

{Originally appeared on Boldsky.com}