Video: What Will Your Spark Be

Never too late! Samantha Bowman is a 50 year old mother and grandmother. "I was a regular person whose lifelong attempt to diet or burn enough calories to stay a healthy size was slowly failing. I was close to giving up, but was fighting climbing into plus size clothes for the first time in my life. I was fed up with gaining weight. A few pounds every year adds up.

The lifestyle promoted by Aging Evolution is the lifestyle model that changed my life. I believe it is the fountain of youth to be strong. I eat regular healthy meals. A young person has youthful hormones to protect the body when you fast or skip meals, or get a little lazy. After 40 I noticed I needed more! More preference for healthy food and a greater need for intensity in my exercise. I was amazed with what changes my body achieved when my focus changed from calorie burn to gaining strength! I ate the healthy food, prioritizing lean protein and no process meat, white breads, or sugars. I got into the gym for 90 minutes a day with a trainer and every month had changes. The changes are small at first. The clothes fit better. Then the clothes fall off! Not only could I wear clothes in my closet from my 30's, but next I had to go clothes smaller than I wore in my 20's! Three years ago I changed my life. Now I've kept the weight off for those 3 years. Aging Evolution is a movement that I am proud to be a part of. Once I discovered that I had the power to be strong and fit, I wanted the same for others who are willing to listen, learn, and put in the work!