Video: Doc’s Road To Redemption

Lenny “Doc” Sohn began his fitness lifestyle at an early age. Learning to wrestle as a young boy forged his passion to compete and paved the way to becoming the only five sport athlete in his school.

Besides Football, Wrestling, Swim, Baseball and Track and Field, Doc honed his skills in several Martial Arts disciplines. With a number of District and State Championships, All-American status and numerous awards, Doc decided that his patriotism outweighed his scholarship offers.

As an Elite Combat Medic for over 20 years in the Marine Corp and 6 years as a Private Military Contractor, physical fitness was a must.

After recovering from wounds received in Iraq both he and his wife, Leah Sohn, began their journey to the competition stage.

“Doc” and Leah are excited to help others realize their own fitness lifestyle. Let them help you achieve YOUR goals and effect change in your well being.