Video: The Importance of Setting Goals in Life

Hi everyone, I am Philip Dodson, owner and founder of Aging Evolution.
I recently celebrated the 21’st anniversary, of my 39’th birthday. Yes, I stopped celebrating birthdays 21 years ago at 39, because I thought I was getting old at that time.

Now 21 years later, I am happy to say, yes, I am the big six..oh..60. I feel so much healthier, fitter and dare I say even younger than I felt at age 39.

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted my first blog on our AE site to be. Tons of ideas ran through my head, but finally I concluded that truly, one of the most important aspects of our lives is to have goals. Therefore, setting goals will be the subject of my first AE blog.

Individually, how difficult is it to awake each morning with no purpose or real reason to get moving. After the age of 50 and 60, or even older, purpose or goals are of even more importance to us. Without goals, whether they be short term or long term, life’s purpose seems diminished.

Goals, whether they be financial, physical or spiritual are vital to ones well-being. Think about how many times you’ve known or heard of people that have recently retired after long working careers; you hear that they have passed away within years of the retirement. Not sure if data supports this, but it sure seems like it happens a lot in my view, People lose purpose, structure and have no new goals, and it affects everything negatively in their lives. Whether it be a short term goal of simply eating healthier that day or getting a workout in that day, it will be beneficial. Do your best to make it happen.

Making your short term goals usually leads one to setting long terms goals and that is where life changing events often occur. Our site focuses mainly on health, fitness and nutrition, but if you have a goal to make a million dollars the next 5 years of your life, do everything within reason and legal make it a reality.

If you have a goal of helping 5 homeless people get off the streets in a month, strive to make it happen. My entire point is that the goal you set, always put in the required effort to make that goal a reality. Whatever you choose to set as a goal, either short term or long term, you absolutely must do all you can to achieve.

The rewards sometimes start of small, but as these goals are met, you will set bigger and probably more difficult goals to achieve. That is where the true sense of accomplishment and real change occurs.


Set them! Strive to achieve and remember age truly is just a number and it’s never too late to be great.