Patricia Hildebrandt is 55 Years Young

My name is Patricia and I’m turning 55 this year! It’s strange to say because I feel better than I did in my 20s.

My fitness journey began back when I was very young... I can’t even remember how old I was because my whole life was based on a healthy, vegetarian and super active lifestyle. I had spent the good majority of my childhood around sports, and was heavily involved in both long distance running, cross country skiing and a multitude of other outdoor activities that continued into my adult years of course with the addition of weight training and yoga!

When I was about 25 years old  I decided it was time to really start taking my weight lifting seriously. Lucky for me, a my training partner was a weightlifting coach and an Olympic level luge athlete.

I can definitely say my desire and passion for body building sprung from those early workouts and I began to love the feeling of pushing it in the gym and seeing the results that came from my hard work.

Although I was always very serious about my weightlifting my goals were not competition... they were to be healthy for life.

I was, however, so passionate about the sport that I wanted to learn everything I could about it ...I spent years trying different workout methods, eating different foods, and learning how to manipulate your body through healthy eating and exercise. After years and years of training and experimenting with my body, I decided to give up my corporate career and pursue my passion, which was health and fitness!

Massage therapy along with personal training has become a passion of mine as it’s given me the opportunity to share my love for health and fitness with others because of my level of fitness I’ve been lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing athletes including Team USAs U21 rugby team, of the women from both our provincial and national baseball teams and I currently provide Athletic sponsorships to number of local athletes.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to help others achieve their fitness goals, and see them accomplish what they previously didn’t think was possible and at the same time continuing to maintain my own fitness levels as I age!

So, When  it comes to aging, as much as we hate to admit it’s inevitable however we can control, to a Great extent,  how we age! We can control the ageing process by adding physical activity and healthy eating into our lives!

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate fitness and healthy eating  into your life and enjoy the gorgeous, healthy ride into old-age.