Nutrition: Why Protein is Such a Crucial Macronutrient


Whether you are focused on a Keto diet, a Paleo approach, vegan or just a clean eating plan, protein has a more significant thermic effect (more calorie burning) than any other macronutrient. This building block of nutrition performs many actions that carbs and fats simply cannot perform. Protein improves satiation, giving your body a much-needed sense of fullness. Better yet, it stimulates muscle protein synthesis (hello, muscles!) and aids in the creation of lean body mass.

If that’s not enough to get you running out for grass-fed beef, eggs or pasture raised chicken, note this: when we don’t eat enough protein we tend to lose muscle mass and consume more calories, which can lead to a rapid increase in body fat percentage.

So when structuring your meal plans for the week, don’t underestimate your need for this essential macronutrient. Good abs, as they say, are built in the kitchen!