Video: Evelyn's Journey From Diagnosis to Fitness Champion

I did not set out to become an athlete and I certainly did not intend to become a Figure Fitness Competitor. My initial goal was simple: to lose weight and get into the best physical shape possible. This was important as I was in my fifties. I noticed the young energetic girl wasn't there anymore. I was putting on weight and felt sluggish. My first thought was I'm getting old but when I looked in the mirror I still saw a young women looking back at me. I knew it was time I took control of my health.


My Thyroid Cancer diagnosis changed my perspective on life. My cancer explained many of the problems I was experiencing but had no idea. I immediately had my thyroid removed. I now had a new sense of determination and motivation.


I refused to give in to my thyroid issues, slow metabolism, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, etc. It also bothered me that I was supposed to accept that I was aging and maybe couldn’t be as physical as someone half my age. I was determined to debunk that myth. In my eyes, my age was just a number. I was not going to accept what the doctors told me would be my future. I was determined to prove everyone wrong. Time to fight back with everything I had.


My health was now my top priority. For starters, I completed changed my diet and learned as much as I possible could about nutrition. I joined forums to share my experience and learn from others who also had Thyroid Cancer. I now follow a high protein low carb diet and eat five to six meals a day. I also drink a gallon and a half of water daily, limit my sodium and sugar intake. Naturally I take supplements and am on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. These days strength training is part of my regular routine. I life weights and do some kind of cardio six days a week with one full day of rest. I am also actively involved in bodybuilding competitions.


I competed in my first competition in my mid-fifties and was awarded my first of many trophies. Just goes to show that you never know what you are capable of if you don’t try. Now in my sixties I continue to compete a couple of times a year and continue to bring home trophies. I am very passionate about my health and absolutely love training and competing. It’s not a fade but a lifestyle.

I am stronger today and healthier than I have ever been and feel like I’m in my twenties. Yes there is a fountain of youth. It was there all along I just didn’t know how to tap into it.