Peter Malmgren 66 Years Young

I am Peter Malmgren I am 66 years old  :this is my story; my wife and I started working out at 52 , we go together 3 days a week. I was 6’ 3” tall and 150lbs ;my back was going out on me once a week, one time it was so bad I had to roll out of my car onto the pavement in pain – I took antibiotics 3-6 times a year , I was also taking antidepressants and felt horrible all day every day.  Our family Dr. suggested exercise ; I started out with leg day then upper body day five days a week. Recovery from the work outs wasn’t easy but started getting easier and easier, I started seeing results; my back problem went away and I stopped feeling  sick. I  didn’t need any more antibiotics also dropped my depression meds. I was packing on some lean muscle ( checking the scale) at the gym every day and watching the numbers climb up. After 4 years I was still 6’3” but now my weight was 195lbs now I am 185. I started a business , am making reclaimed wood furniture also live edge and hardwood furniture. And selling on Facebook; business is going well. I am also making music and get up every day @ 5:45 am and record with my iPad. I absolutely believe I couldn’t have done any of this before I started working out. I am sending a slideshow of my transformation with a ( amateur) recording of me playing guitar as a background track.look for a utube slide show sent separate.



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